Why Use TechnoGuard, Inc.?

To Cut Maintenance and Repair Costs.

While most floor systems are extremely durable, it is important they are properly maintained. The life span of an access floor can be significantly extended through periodic cleaning and maintenance.

A high-pressure laminate (HPL) floor's static performance is regulated by how clean the panels are kept. This is because the surface of the floor system was designed to dissipate static electricity. When this surface is not maintained properly, the residual buildup on the surface inhibits proper static dissipation which is critical to sensitive electronic equipment.

TechnoGuard can help prevent this loss of protection. We thoroughly clean the dust from the floor with a HEPA filtered vacuum certified 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns. The entire floor is then carefully damp mopped with a specialized cleaning agent in order to keep the panels clean and static free.

Even though raised floor panels keep wiring and other critical environmental control systems covered, dust buildup and construction debris can be harmful to your sensitive electronic equipment.

TechnoGuard can help keep this often forgotten but critical part of your facility clean and dust free. All high-pressure laminate floor panels are lifted and the under-floor plenum is thoroughly cleared of large debris and then cleaned with the same HEPA filtration as above.

Each computer room has its own unique maintenance requirements. So at TechnoGuard, Inc., we offer maintenance programs designed to meet the needs of the individual site conditions on either a contract or demand basis. State-of-the-art cleaning products, equipment, and experienced personnel are used on all maintenance jobs. At TechnoGuard, no specialized cleaning request is too large or too small.

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