Basic Services
Raised/Unraised Floor Surface Cleaning

A high-pressure laminate floor's (HPL) static performance is regulated by how clean the panels are kept. First, TechnoGuard thoroughly cleans the dust from the floor with a HEPA filtered vacuum. Then TechnoGuard carefully damp mops the entire floor with a special cleaning agent in order to keep the panels meticulously clean and static free.

Equipment Cleaning
TechnoGuard takes care of all types of optical and acrylic surfaces, such as, glass door server cabinets with anti-glare glass. TechnoGuard only uses the best anti-static cleaning solutions and takes extra care with your equipment.

Underfloor Cleaning
All high-pressure laminate floor panels are lifted and the under-floor plenum is thoroughly cleaned with a HEPA filtered wet/dry vacuum.

Complete Breakdown and Disposal of Hardware Packaging Materials

This service will allow TechnoGuard to properly dispose of clutter like cardboard boxes, packing materials and pallets that sometimes lay around in computer rooms for weeks.

TechnoGuard offers this service by implement a TRASH labeling system to correctly identify what is trash and what is not. TechnoGuard mounts a trash sticker dispenser in the facility to allow the customer to easily and clearly mark trash. This will keep wanted hardware and software from being mistakenly thrown out.

Special Cleaning Requests

TechnoGuard will consider all specialized cleaning request, no matter how large or small.

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